Unlike many other stores online, we do things the right way!
That means that all products with known characters, brands and logotypes are approved by the brand owners and they receive royalties / payment for each product sold.
If you love a artist, show, band or movie enough to wear a t-shirt then you probably want more of that, or at least want the creators to have funding to something new that you’ll love too!

Know that you are Dealing with a Reputable Company
If you are buying from a company that has no problem stealing intellectual property should make you wonder what else they’ll willing to steal? Maybe it is your personal information, or using cheaper low quality materials.

Certified Safety for Yourself and Your Loved Ones
Companies like Hasbro, Warner Bros and Paramount require us test the products for safety. In the case of t-shirts that means that you can be sure that the paint on your t-shirt and the dyes in the material have been tested and are certified to be free from lead and other harmful chemicals. All Shirtstore apparel are Oeko-Tex and WRAP certified.

Certified Child Labor and Sweatshop Free
Every license agreement we’ve signed with companies like Hasbro, Paramount, Netflix, Universal Studios etc. has required that we use only factories that follow labor laws and pay proper wages.

So… You don’t have to worry about pirate copies in poor quality or products with incorrect or unapproved designs when shopping here.

We work tirelessly looking for the latest trends and to find the right brands owners so we can offer you the best and most popular brands and products.

Getting licenses and sign contracts is very expensive and complicated, but we have still managed to get collaborations with the largest studios in Hollywood and other major brands owners.